Objective-c tutorial – view posts and comments of a wordpress blog

About this objective-c tutorial: Recently I wanted to get more into objective-c, so I checked out some online tutorials. Stanford as in Itunes a very nice lecture, it helped me a lot. Click here to see it. Honestly, I didn’t watch all of it. At some point it got boring just to watch, so I decided to start a small project myself. I document the steps here, so they might serve other people as a tutorial.

the application of the objective-c tutorial

the application of the objective-c tutorial

Xcode version

I am using Xcode version 6 for this tutorial. Most tutorials which I found on the web are using Xcode version 5. Furthermore the storyboard is used. Lastly, I made an application for Mac Os X – not like everyone else for iOS. But as far as I understand, the differences are not too big. When searching for solutions, I was often able to follow guides which were focusing on iOS and not on Mac Os X.

Idea – objective-c tutorial

My idea was to make a small application, which gets posts and comments from a WordPress blog and displays the information in two tables. The first table shows the post with the post title. If a post title is selected, the second table shows the comments of the posts. Nothing fancy, but it covers the following basics:

  • Basic application creation involving the use of the ViewController
  • Implementing protocol methods which are required for the tables
  • Connecting the application to a wordpress blog and consuming web services
  • Saving posts and comment with coredata and implementing a sync process


The tutorial has several steps.

First step: Implemented the basic application logic, posts and comments exist only as mock-data. Click here to view the post.

Second step: Connecting the application to a wordpress blog so it used the service. Click here to view the post.

Thid step: Implementing core data so posts and comments may be saved locally. Click here to view the post.

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