Find an overview here of some of the projects I’ve been working on.

Modelling Tool

While writing the thesis for my bachelor degree I developed a modelling tool. It enables the user to add/change modelling languages based on their syntax (e.g. the representation of the modelling languages and the abstract syntax). I will share some of the insights of my work here, as well as sharing the tool itself on GitHub. In order to use the tool, you just need a modern web browser (chrome, firefox, opera or safari should work well).

View the project here

Objective-c tutorial

An objective-c tutorial which is about creating a mac os application. The application is built with Xcode 6, storyboard, Rest JSON API and coredata. It connects to a wordpress blog in order to save posts and comments locally and display them to the user. All sources are also on GitHub.

View the project here

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